Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Being involved in the 'Ages and Stages' project - by Becky Salt

Getting involved with the 'Ages and Stages' project has given me an insight into the history of the New Vic Theatre and how it has positively influenced valued members of our community. Not only have I learnt about how the different departments within the theatre have developed over time but I have also met some inspirational people of the older generation that I have learnt great amounts from.
Through participating within the workshops, I have had the opportunity to contribute my ideas and beliefs about the topic 'Perceptions of Age',  whilst also revealing innovative thoughts of how the final documentary performance could be produced. 

By creatively re-enacting people's memories it has enabled me to understand how greatly the New Vic has impacted the public and how in time they have developed their style of productions. Having the chance to work with people from both generations for some time now, I have been able to build strong relationships and make valuable friendships that I hope will last for some time to come. There are various different personalities and interests within the group however, we all share one common passion, of the theatre and the all-important connection with the New Vic. 

On a weekly basis, being involved with the 'Ages and Stages' project is something I thoroughly enjoy and look forward to. I have encountered new knowledge and have learnt new skills and qualities about myself. 

Becky Salt - member of the 'Ages and Stages' performance group 

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